DAY 2 - Dull day, Proseka grind?

18:43 | February 25, 2023

i didn't go out today bcs i was tired but in turn that left me here. home alone. with no one to talk to.... which is why i played project sekai all day. im having a great time actually, i enjoy being alone because there's no one here to really judge me hehe~ i'm 1 more master fc away from 50 mas fcs, woohoo? (i play this game too much, can you tell)
ALSO THE WHITE DAY CARDS LEAKS ARENT OUT YET WHICH i mean it's 3 days away but STILL!!!!! i do know it's going to be a mysterious type event. did you know i don't have any toya mysterious cards??? IN FACT my jp acc doesn't have any toya nor akito 4*s at all!!!! i'm having a great time with this game. i love gaming. i love project sekai. but yeah, all i have is 6k for ruitoya WD and 11k for mizuakikasa..... very excited. 20 pulls and a dream. pray for me? I HOPE I GET TOYA 3: okay that's all!!! i'll use this as an actual journal/blog since i'll actually remember to open it unlike my tumblr or my actual diary HAHAHA okay i gotta eat ending entry NOW


23:56 | February 23, 2023

this site has given me a headache to make, but it's been really fun!
as much as i joke and jest about getting a headache every time i even touch something related to coding (which is still half-true), i really enjoy programming. it's one of the things i actually understand, and also one of the few things i'm actively and willingly learning.and besides, nothing comes without struggles... programming just happens to have a lot of it. especially at the start. but hey! at least i'm learning something! i've even been considering going into computer science for college. other than some sort of arts course, obviously. ideally, i'd want to go to an arts track, but y'know what they say.
"there's no money in art!" "you'll end up on the streets!" or something like that HAHAHA
anyways it's getting late. hopefully i'll finish this blog tomorrow? there's no school anyways, but who knows!!!

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