Toya Aoyagi

" I guess moving forward in life takes courage. The courage to keep trying again and again . . . "

Hey hey hi! My name is DESMOND, but feel free to also call me SUNNY or DES.

this is just a website i'm building for fun! Especially since I'm trying to get into programming. This is going to be an archive of my art, stories, and just the general things I like! :)


  • 14 years old | February 29 (Pisces)
  • INTP 9w8
  • English / Filipino / 少し日本語
  • All I do is talk about Project Sekai. That is it. Nothing else. I have 0 other big interests. Please help me

i mostly draw or play games in my free time, but i also enjoy cosplaying, animanga, music/singing and theatre!! especially singing, plan on posting full covers of songs i like someday when i'm confident enough for that hehe :D